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about us

Miller &  Partner Group Holding is a family owned

international group of companies with  subsidiaries and holdings in various sectors.    founded in 2018 and  with just one company at the market launch, the group of companies grew rapidly to 9 companies Brands.

Our group of companies is represented with its subsidiaries and brands at 11 locations in 10 countries.  With our global network and the know-how of our team, we advance our brands and their customers every day. 


Our companies

Unsere Firmen
MUP Logo (5).png

Miller  and Partner Holding carries out investments, participations and administrative services for subsidiaries, as well as investment advice and commercial transactions.


With more than 100 employees, FLEXWORK-Jobs is the company with the most staff in the group and offers flexible personnel solutions for the hotel, catering and event industry.

100% shares


IGTL - InterGlobal trading & logistics

operates internationally in the trade in goods, 

and offers worldwide forwarding &  logistics services, 

from courier transport to sea freight. 

100% shares (4).png

USC - Clock & Chair Consulting

advises medium-sized and large customers, 

as well as successful start-ups in the areas of tax optimization, company acquisitions & sales, and business development.

100% shares

Zwischenüberschrift hinzufügen (3)_edited_edited.png
ARTIS Group of companies_edited.jpg

InveCa suisse europe.

is the group's own financial company, responsible for business banking, investments, financing & funding programs.

30% shares

The ARTIS selling Group is the largest company in Miller & Partner Holding and is itself a tripartite group of companies. The ARTIS selling Group includes the marketing consultancy firm of the same name, as well as INFLUNCER hero. &

45%  shares

GARNISON clothing is an emerging fashion brand that is being developed and built with the participation of the Miller & Partner Group. 

The market launch is planned for autumn 2022.

50% shares 


ARTIS selling Group Lang - Kopie - Kopie - Kopie_edited.png

ARTIS selling Marketing & Business Solutions

belongs to the ARTIS selling group and advises international and local companies in the areas of marketing, PR, communication, sales, expansion & business development 

An ARTIS selling Group brand.

influencerhero lang schwarze schrft_edited.png

INFLUENCER hero. was created in 2021

as Influencer & Artist Agency. 

professional management for influencers & artists and influencers & social media marketing for companies combined. 

An ARTIS selling Group brand.


Is a FULL-Service Marketing & Advertising Agency with an innovative & unique concept.  Customers can expect a full service all around their marketing at a fixed price on a monthly basis, as easy as a telephone flat rate.  

An ARTIS selling Group brand.

company philosophy


We believe in what we do and we believe in it 

how we do it Convinced of our strengths & with the support of our reliable partners &  customers, we work in all our companies around the world to become even better every day &  bigger To generate added value. 

We believe inequal opportunity. In all our companies, it doesn;t matter where you come from, it doesnt matter what resources you had and it doesn;t matter who you were. 

It is important what you want to achieve for yourself today and what you are willing to do for it.  

performance countsand achievement is rewarded. 

For all companies in our group, performance counts. 

That;s why we reward & reward results and above-average performance. 

We are a big family. We stick together not only as colleagues, but also as a company. 

Together we make ourselves strong, for us, our team, our partners and above all for our customers. 

Internationally, across the entire globe, we are closely networked with each other and across our group of companies in business, politics and society. 

We create values and so continue to grow with foundation and support every day. We are involved in various industries with our companies and brands, with our resources and with our know-how. 

We work considerately, sustainably, forward-looking, international, dynamic and profitable. 

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