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Are you interested in working with our group of companies?

and/or to cooperate with one of our brands? 


We are happy to hear from them.  

Start up Company

thegroup of companies connect, sell   or   discuss investment. 

Do you want to sell your company, look for an investor, a new partner 

or would you like to start your business with the help of our group of companies and our network 

let it grow?    Get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you and your idea. 

You can reach our management and business development at: 

Subcontractor / contractor: 

Apply to be a subcontractor, or place subcontractor orders. 

Vor allem als FLEXWORK-Jobs    und    IGTL  -  InterGlobal trading & logistics  we work closely with other companies and optimize work-flow and competencies.

You can reach our colleagues at    -     or:


Do you have a product or do you offer a service that can help us?


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